Welcome, 3D Printer Fans!

So you've made the plunge into the world of 3D printing and are now ready to make lots of STUFF!
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From prototype to final product, you need to print version after version until your design is perfected.  Whether you're using a  RepRap or other 3D printer, you know that this process takes smarts, time, patience, and sometimes a fair amount of plastic!
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We've tried other ABS filaments on the market in a variety of price ranges.  We are proud to sell our ABS filament as providing comparable 3D printing performance to the most expensive brand we've tried--but at an affordable price!  And because our prices are so low, you can STOCK UP and never again have to halt your development process because you ran out of STUFF.
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Need help getting your prototype started?  Check out Simple-Plastic, a low melting temperature, hand-moldable, reusable thermoplastic that can help you turn your idea into reality.  Simply heat the pellets to between 138 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit until they become clear and start to fuse together.  Shape the melted plastic into your finished part by working it by hand or pressing it into a mold.  When Simple-Plastic cools and hardens, the result is a strong, durable, rigid part!  Put it to good use or remelt it later to try something new!  The possibilities are limitless.
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If you're ready to take the next step into mass-producing your product with injection molding machines, we have the plastic pellets you need to get started.  We cater to the small business that isn't quite ready to buy the large quantities plastics warehouses sometimes require.  Try any of our varieties of materials until you know you've got it right--then you'll feel more confident in making a large-quantity investment later on.  Don't know how to begin injection molding?  We can help you design and build your mold and even do short-run production of your part with our injection molding machines.
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Give us a try.  We'd love to be the provider of your 3D Printer STUFF!