We are thrilled to introduce Simple-Plastic to the home inventor and hobbyist!  Simple-Plastic is a low melting temperature, hand-moldable, reusable thermoplastic that has an endless number of uses, including mechanical prototypes/parts, arts/crafts/RC hobbies, industrial applications, and home repair!

Low melting temperature

Simple-Plastic pellets will begin to melt and change form at between 138 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  There are a few different methods you can use to heat them to the proper temperature:
  • Place them in hot water (138-160 F) on a stovetop, microwave, or double-boiler for about two minutes.  If desired, add a couple drops of cooking oil to help prevent sticking.
  • Heat the pellets with a heat gun or hair blow dryer.
  • Place them inside an oven or electric skillet/griddle.
When the pellets become clear and start to fuse together, Simple-Plastic is ready to begin shaping into your desired form.


Carefully (plastic is hot!) remove the plastic from the hot water or heating element using tongs, a spoon, or wooden stick.  Wait a few seconds for the material to cool, wet your hands, and begin kneading the plastic to work out the excess moisture and ensure the pellets have fused together evenly.  Simple-Plastic will remain molten and hand-workable for about five minutes.  You can add color pigments while you work the plastic; this is best done over a heated plate or platform.  While it is being worked, Simple-Plastic has a slightly rubbery, warm clay consistency.  Press it into a mold, sculpt it by hand, or use it as a mold against another part.


Place the molded part into cold water to set it quickly, or let it harden in a few minutes at room temperature.  Once hardened, it is extremely strong and tough.  If you need to rework it, simply melt it again and start over!

Your finished Simple-Plastic part is strong, durable, paintable and machinable!


Simple-Plastic is non-toxic, biodegradable, and lightweight.  And with its resistance to water, oil, chlorine, and solvents, its potential applications are endless!

 Sculpting  Jewelry
Motor mounts
 Crafts/Decorations  Handles
Molds for Parts
 Candle Molds
 Home Repair
 Custom Tools
 Scenery for Models/Aquariums
 Toys/RC Hobbies

Children using this product should be supervised by a responsible adult.

Simple-Plastic and 3D Printers

We are especially excited about the uses of Simple-Plastic in the 3D printing community.  You can print intricate molds on your 3D printer and then use Simple-Plastic to produce short-run prototypes of your part.  This method is almost the equivalent to injection molding, but without all of the expense!  We look forward to hearing your ideas and success stories of using Simple-Plastic to make your life simpler!

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Simple-Plastic - 4 oz.
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Simple-Plastic - 8 oz.
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Simple-Plastic - 32 oz.
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